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Questions about Glasses, Contacts and COVID-19

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Hope you are all weathering the Brave New World with style and grace. As the New York Vision Expo was canceled and Jacob Javits Center turned into a hospital, I posted some old show pictures as a way to pull myself up every morning. We want to thank our peers at the Vision Council again for making the hard decision and canceling the Show, but also felt sadness as we did not get to see our associates from around the world. We have watched as many of them have stepped up and to fight COVID-19 by using their facilities to create Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Health Care Workers in their communities.Liberty Sport has sent 20,000 unit of Easy Fit PPE to Illinois. While PM Frost has turned its 3D printer on to create PPE for nurses in Germany. Watch in the video link above. Thank you to all who are making a difference in the fight.

After a week of Darkness on our Facebook and Instagram, I thought it was time to talk to you about protecting ourselves. Here are some Recommendations from the Ophthalmology Community about Staying Safe During COVID-19

Wear Your Glasses not Your Contacts. It is the recommendation of Ophthalmology to wear your glasses and not your contacts at this time as a measure to fight the coronavirus. As stated on the American Academy of Ophthalmology website, “Coronavirus can spread through the eyes-just as it does through the mouth or nose.” Just as the virus can enter your body through the mouth and nose through minute spray or through unclean surfaces, it will do the same through your eyes and conjunctiva.

Glasses act as a barrier both from minute spray and from touching our faces. This is why healthcare workers are wearing PPE and why the eyecare community is trying to get more PPE to healthcare workers. If you have the option switch to glasses, do it.

If you can not switch to glasses, wear a barrier over your contacts. This barrier should be PPE for medical personnel. It could be sunglasses when you go out. Also, you may wear a pair of blue light blocking lenses without prescription--Tom Ford and Coco and Breezy have ready made blue light lenses in most of their frames, or we are able to put these lenses into any frame you choose. Evolve Eyewear and Chem Tech also make stylish “gamer glasses” with blue light lenses. David Spencer is offering the Evolve Eyewear at a substantial discount to help fight COVID-19 in our communities. Visit the link above and use 12315 as your coupon code. Any of these options will help fight “Computer Fatigue,” in the new Work From Home or School from Home environment.

Do not Touch Your Eyes or Face. According to a 2015 study by medical students at New South Wales in Australia conducted a study that found the average person touches their face 23 times an hour. This is one of the reasons not to wear contacts. Contact lens wears tend to touch their eyes more than glasses wearers, especially during allergy season when the contacts can cause extra irritation due to pollen and other allergens affecting their eyes. If you have to touch your eyes make sure that you have followed recommended hand washing produce: washing with warm soapy water for 20 seconds before rinsing, and dry them thoroughly on a clean towel.

Clean Your Glasses with a Disinfectant at Least once per day. We would recommend, during this time, that you clean them once in the morning, once in the evening and at least once every time you leave your home. Alcohol is a perfect disinfectant to use on most glasses, but may leave lenses streaky therefore we would recommend you use an eyeglass cleanser. Spray the cleanser all over the frame and lenses and wipe with a soft cloth (preferred 100% cotton t-shirt or microfiber cloth). If you do not have an eyeglass cleanser, contact our office for a sample.

Stay Safe at Home. We encourage all of you to stay safe at home. Remember that we are all in this together and going through different emotions at different stages. As I said earlier, we hope you are handling this time with style and grace. Do not Forget to give Yourself Grace, when you come unglued, because you miss your social network, because you lost the home-school papers… or whatever your moment is. Take time to sit back, smell the tulips (they are coming up) and chill in the backyard with your fire.


K. Elizabeth Bouravnev. ABOC

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